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About the German Neuroscience Society (GNS)

The GNS currently has more than 2,100 members. We represent basic neuroscientists investigating the development, function, abilities and pathology of the brain and nervous system. The GNS is a non-profit organization without financial objectives.

Aims, goals and objectives

The GNS is committed to the advancement of neuroscience research and education. We represent all aspects and all subfields of neuroscience within Germany and abroad.

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Partner organizations

The GNS collaborates with partner organizations in Germany and abroad to achieve the goals defined in its statutes.

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Commercial partners

The GNS collaborates with German and foreign companies, providing products and solutions for neuroscience research. The Göttingen meetings offer exhibit space for these commercial partners.

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In 1993, at the Charlottenburg district court of Berlin, and after a two year founding period full of constructive and sometimes controversial discussions, the Neurowissenschaftliche Gesellschaft e. V. (NWG) / German Neuroscience Society (GNS) was registered as a non-profit organization.

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