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Our Idea

Hi and welcome!

We are very excited to announce the initiation of the jNWG - the Young German Neuroscience Society. We are a brand new section of the NWG, aiming to provide a platform for young neuroscientists to connect!

Our motivation:
Student, PhD and postdoc members
already account for the majority of NWG members. Therefore, we founded the jNWG to represent young neuroscientists within the NWG, to promote our interests, and to foster our careers in neuroscience. We want to get involved, organize events that are specifically tailored to our needs and interests, connect with each other on the national and European level, and help each other to make the most of our PhD and postdoc times in neuroscience!

How does this concern you?
We are an enthusiastic group of young researchers, aiming for increased representation and effective networking amongst other young neuroscientists, by bringing the following ideas to life:

·    Focus on your wishes and needs around your current daily and future work life.
·    Increase visibility of young neuroscientists within the NWG and the greater public.
·    Draw attention to the research of young scientists.
·    Organize events and workshops, providing peer-to-peer scientific education and career advice.
·    Facilitate networking with European neuroscience societies and laboratories.

… and much more. For details please see our Activities section.

Since the jNWG was just established, we need your contribution. Therefore, we are looking for like-minded young neuroscientists who share our motivation for a stronger involvement of young scientists in the German neuroscience community. Moreover, we constantly need your feedback on what is required to improve your perspective in neuroscience.


If you want to get involved, connect with other young NWG members, and gain valuable experience on how things work ‘backstage,’ then sign up for our mailing list and we will get in touch with you: