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Name des Programmsabsteigend sortieren Ort Möglicher Abschluss Dauer Nächster Bewerbungsschluss
Behaviour and Cognition Göttingen Doctoral Degree (PhD) 3 January 31 and July 31
Berlin School of Mind and Brain Berlin Master (MSc/MA) 2 years May 1 - 31
Berlin School of Mind and Brain Berlin Doctoral Degree (Dr. phil., Dr. rer. nat., Dr. rer. medic., Ph.D.) 3 years January 15 (general deadline); , July 15 (for students with secured funding only)
Berlin School of Mind and Brain Berlin Postdoctoral Program 1-3 years Continuously
Cognitive Interaction CITEC Graduate School Bielefeld Dorctoral Degree (PhD) 3 Throughout the year
Cognitive Science Bachelor Program Osnabrück Bachelor (B.Sc.) 3 June 15 (Germany + EU); July 15 (Non-EU)
Cognitive Science Master Program Osnabrück Master (MSc) 2 January 15; July 15
Cognitive Science PhD Program Osnabrück Doctoral Degree (PhD) 3 Apr 01
Developmental, Neural, and Behavioral Biology Master Program Göttingen Master (M.Sc.) 4 April 1 - May 15
Elite Graduate Program Biomedical Neuroscience München / Munich Master (M.Sc.) 2 years/ 4 semesters Jan 1st - May 31st
Experimental and Clinical Neurosciences Master Program Regensburg Master (M.Sc.) 2 years Apr 30
Experimentelle und Klinische Neurowissenschaften Köln Master (M.Sc.) 2 January / September
Graduate School BIGS Neuroscience Bonn Dorctoral Degree (PhD) 3
Graduate School for Systemic Neuroscience Muenchen Master (MSc); Doctoral Degree (PhD) MSc: 2, Fast-track PhD: 4, PhD: 3 February 15th
Impact of adverse childhood experience on psychosocial and somatic conditions across the lifespan Mannheim Dr. sc. hum 3
Integrative Neuroscience Master Programme Magdeburg Master (M.Sc.) 2 January 1 - March 15
Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Master Program Frankfurt/M. Master (M.Sc.) 2 March 15
International Graduate School of Neuroscience Bochum Dorctoral Degree (PhD) 3 January 31
International Master Program Computational Neuroscience Berlin Master (MSc) 2 March 15
International Master Program Medical Neurosciences Berlin Master (MSc) 2 January 15