Philosophy of Death and Dying

The 2016 FSCI Interdisciplinary Winter School
Mo, 15.02.2016 bis Do, 18.02.2016
Tübingen, Germany


Wissenschaftliche Organisatoren: 
Forum Scientiarum, University of Tübingen
FORUM SCIENTIARUM Doblerstr. 33 72074 Tübingen Germany

This year's Winter School focuses on the problem of death and dying both in a philosophical and a metaphilosophical way by approaching not only the conceptual issues that arise with this matter, but also the ethical problems (abortion, euthanasia, suicide, killing and dying in war, capital punishment, genocide, terrorism, etc). The definition and criteria of death, the existential significance of mortality and the metaphysics of death are only some of the topics to be covered during the Winter School. Metaphilosophically, the crucial question emerging from the present situation in the philosophy of death and dying is whether there is in the end anything that could appropriately be called “philosophical thanatology” and what exactly does it imply.

Guest lecturer will be Sami Johannes Pihlström, Professor of Philosophy of Religion at the University of Helsinki and currently Research Fellow at the Forum Scientiarum.

Deadline for the receipt of complete application is December 15th, 2015. A letter of admission will reach successful applicants by December 20th, 2015.